54 Adult Milestone Birthday Phrases

54 Adult Milestone Birthday Phrases

Birthdays are fun no matter what age you are. Someone’s life and accomplishments are the perfect reason to celebrate, whether you’re heading out to the bars for the night, or inviting everyone you know to a party, or playing board games at home with your favorite people.

We have 54 age-specific birthday wishes below to help you write a card or plan a party.

Of course, many of these are interchangeable – just change the age or the year of your favorite and it can apply to anyone! These sayings don’t belong only in a card; they’re also great for personalizing party napkins and cups to help you commemorate the occasion.

Because you can’t possibly have a birthday party without birthday cake – or drinks – you’ll need all the supplies that go along with them, too. Personalized cups and napkins are an awesome alternative to banners or posters. You already need cups and napkins, so your budget will thank you for skipping the poster in favor of decorations that are useful and the cups can serve as sweet party favors. You and your guests will be reminded of your party for years to come every time they have a drink. Not to mention, you’ll be able to tie together the theme, color scheme, decorations and supplies – making you look like a party planner extraordinaire!

21 Years

  1. 21 and legal: proceed with caution
  2. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
  3. Cheers to 21 years
  4. Keep calm and drink up!
  5. 21 is so much fun!
  6. Hit me with your best shot
  7. Now that you’re 21, take life with a grain of salt. And a slice of lime and a shot of tequila!

30 Years

  1. 30 is just 18 with 12 years of experience
  2. I may be 30 but I’ll always be flirty
  3. 30 is only 12 in Scrabble
  4. The Dirty Thirty
  5. Awesome since 1988
  6. 30 Rocks!
  7. Turning 30 is nothing to wine about
  8. Thirty and Nerdy
  9. Talk thirty to me

40 Years

  1. 40 never looked so good
  2. Lordy, lordy, look who’s forty!
  3. 40 is the new 30
  4. Let’s drink red, red wine because UB40
  5. Life really does begin at 40; before now was just research
  6. Aged like a fine wine
  7. 39 and holding

50 Years

  1. Don’t count the years; count the wishes and all the cheers
  2. Fifty and fabulous
  3. 50?! I demand a recount.
  4. If 40 is the old age of youth, 50 is the youth of old age
  5. One good thing about being over the hill is you don’t have to climb up it anymore
  6. Fifty: the new F-word
  7. Fifty is Nifty
  8. Look out for the Five – O!

60 Years

  1. It took 60 years to look this good
  2. Born in the USA – a long time ago!
  3. At 60, you start saying you’re 70 so people tell you how good you look for your age
  4. If you’ve haven’t grown up by age 60, you don’t have to.
  5. The best thing about being over the hill is not being under it!
  6. Sweet Sixty

70 Years

  1. Life’s milestones are meant to be celebrated, not counted. Who can count that high anyway?
  2. 70 isn’t old, it’s vintage
  3. This birthday means two things: you survived the ‘60s and you survived your 60s!
  4. I bet you still get carded (when you ask for the senior discount)

80 Years

  1. So many candles, so little cake
  2. If things get better with age, you’re approaching perfection!
  3. This is what four score looks like.
  4. Let’s celebr-eighty

90 Years

  1. 90 years loved
  2. So far over the hill, I’m taking on the back nine!
  3. Not old, a classic

100 Years

  1. Feeling [emoji 100] at 100
  2. Today we’re celebrating 36,500 days of life
  3. Welcome to the Centenarian Club!
  4. Here’s to 100 more years!
  5. You make turning 100 look like a piece of cake!
  6. 100 years old & still not acting my age

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