54 Adult Milestone Birthday Phrases

Whether you are six or sixty, everyone looks forward to their birthday. It marks the completion of another year of your life, leaving you older, wiser, and more accomplished. And this certainly calls for a celebration. It could be a small gathering at home with your closest friends or family, or you could go all out and arrange a huge party at a big venue. 

Either way, we’ve got some catchy birthday phrases for all adult milestones so that you can make the perfect card or banner for the day and make it memorable for everyone. 

Catchy Phrases to Celebrate Adult Milestone Birthdays

After reaching 16, 21, or even 25 years, people assume celebrating birthdays is not their thing anymore. However, we’re here to convince you otherwise with these catchy phrases for adult milestone birthdays. 

30 Birthday Phrases

Some people might not like it, but reaching the age of 30 is an important milestone. People think they’ve officially gotten old, and the fun part of their life is over. Well, we beg to differ. 30 is when the real fun actually starts. So here are some phrases to commemorate turning 30 in style.

  1. Being 30 is better than being 20 any day!

  2. 30 years of magnificence

  3. You’re not 30, You’re 3 10s

  4. Thirty and flirty

  5. Straight outta my twenties

  6. Takes 30 years to look this good

  7. Feeling the love since 30 years

  8. I’m not 30, I’m 29.99 plus tax!

  9. A thirty-year original

  10. The big 3-0

40 Birthday Phrases

Turning 40 is a great milestone as well. If you didn’t quite feel like an adult at 30, you definitely will feel it when you turn 40. And the good news is that there are no rules when it comes to adult birthday parties. So, you can go as wild as you want and make sure to use these catchy phrases for your 40th birthday.

  1. Forty is fine when you look 29

  2. Looks 18, Feels 14, Acts 8, All adds up to 40

  3. 40 is the new 20

  4. I can’t keep calm, I’m turning 40

  5. Life really does begin at 40

  6. Celebrating the 19th anniversary of my 21st birthday

  7. Made in 1981

  8. Still foxy at 40

  9. Forty and Fabulous

  10. May the Forties Be with You

50 Birthday Phrases

Turning 50 is certainly an exciting milestone. You’ve lived almost half your life and made a lot of fun memories along the way. Therefore, you have to include turning 50 sayings funny to keep that inner child alive. Here are some 50-year-old birthday sayings.

  1. 20 with 30 years of experience

  2. Looking pretty iffy at fifty!

  3. Only five decades old

  4. Hitting the Half Century!

  5. You made the big 50!

  6. Fifty and kicking
  7. Reaching 25 twice
  8. Fifty, aged to perfection
  9. Too fit and fabulous to be fifty
  10. 50 rocks

60 Birthday Phrases

You only turn sixty once, so you better do it with style. Sixtieth birthdays call for a grand celebration because of the grand life you’ve lived. And you can’t do that without the perfect birthday slogan setting the theme. Here are some phrases for your 60th birthday.

  1. Sweet sixty is a thing
  2. Sixty never looked better
  3. The age of perfection
  4. Life begins at 60
  5. Sixty and carefree
  6. A great year to be a sixty-year-old!
  7. Looking fifty is great when you’re sixty
  8. Made in 1961, Built to last
  9. 60th birthday thrills, more pills, and more chills
  10. You make 60 unbelievable

80 Birthday Phrases

Birthdays only get better with time. Your loved ones increase, and the celebrations grow even bigger. The same is the case for when you turn 80. Here are some phrases to mark the occasion. 

  1. Good gravy, look who’s 80!
  2. 80 is actually 27 Celsius
  3. An 80-year old classic!
  4. Cheers to 80 years!
  5. Eighty is only 13 in scrabble
  6. It took 80 years to look this good
  7. 80-year old vintage
  8. 80 is the new…what was I saying?
  9. The 80-year old legend
  10. 80 is not for the weak

Final Thoughts

Of course, just these phrases won’t be enough. You have to have great birthday party table decorations as well to compliment the theme or the 40 or 80-year-old birthday sayings. You can get personalized cups, napkins, and even garden flags to add that personalization touch to the party. Disposable spoons and forks can also make cleanup after the party a lot easier. 

Finally, make sure you get an amazing cake because what is a birthday party without cake? Once everything is all planned, send out invites to your loved ones and celebrate your birthday like there’s no tomorrow!